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12 Jul 2014
3D Exterior Design Spain

It's impossible to overemphasize the importance of modeling skills to the 3-D artist. Good 3-D modeling is difficult, but it is a skill very much in demand. Thus we will not be performing a step-by-step tutorial here. I express no preference whatever for any application. Some models are intended for animation of course, but a great many are not. The top can be set on a hinge and opened realistically, either interactively or as part of a rendered animation.

I use Light wave because I started on the application and know it best, and learning any single application well is a considerable feat. But the email I receive, and my own judgment, convince me that it is time to introduce professional level tools to this audience, even if they are not yet prepared to purchase them. The purpose was frankly to encourage the beginner to jump in. Each application has its own special modeling tools, but the basic mentality of the artist creating a 3-D model transcends the specific application. The ability to look at a realistic model of a car on a web site, from all angles--to go inside, or even pop the hood--all this awaits only a little more computer power in the hands of the average person. It is shown both closed and open, at different camera angles.

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A static 3-D model can simply be viewed interactively or can be rendered from many different points of view, perhaps under different lighting conditions. Even using Light wave, our project could be successfully completed in at least 20 different ways. In a year or two, this kind of internet experience will be routine. Most people so readily associate 3-D with motion picture or video entertainment that they must be reminded that the present and future of 3-D is much broader. We have deliberately used Fractal Design Ray Dream Studio, a low-cost, entry-level application, to get these tutorials started.

we began using Light wave 3D to demonstrate texturing, and this step up to a professional level application is unavoidable if we are to grow. Learning to think through the modeling process--learning that special discipline for building objects in abstract space--is at the root of becoming a 3-D artist. To do this kind of modeling, even for relatively simple objects, we need professional level modeling tools. This model is especially valuable to us because it has both inside and outside surfaces. The applications for product design, sales presentations, scientific simulation, architecture and environmental planning are obvious, and will soon become ubiquitous.


Author: Ruturaj Desai

Yantram 3D Exterior Modeling Germany studio


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